The Hands of Jesus

holding hands

As infant hands

they clasped around Mary’s finger.

As all infant hands do.

They obediently served,

Both Mother and Father.

As God’s word says

we all should do.

In the ministry,

the blessed hands of Jesus,

touched, and healed,

all who were sick.

With tenderness and love

His hands touched lives.

One day, they were pierced,

nailed to an old rugged cross.

Out of love, they suffered, for you.

Now the loving hands of Jesus

reach out to you, waiting,

for you to place your hands

forever in His.

3 thoughts on “The Hands of Jesus

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  3. Reblogged this on Along Life's Road and commented:

    Years ago when I started my blog, as an assignment for my Media Arts class, this was the first poem I posted. To this day it remains the most viewed poem on my blog. Since posted this poem has been viewed 9813 times, the next most viewed is my home page at 2091 views. The Hands of Jesus really are that amazing!!

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