A Lesson for Life

 This is the poem I wrote the day I forgave my father. After years of pain, I let go of my pride and gave my father a second chance.

While in the comfort

of our living room.

My father called home,

he asked for someone

to meet him.

You see after his stroke

he gets tired after a while,

because he is weak.

My mother sent me to go,

I went unwillingly.

The air was bitterly cold,

I wanted to be anywhere but here.

I wondered “Why always me?”

The answer struck at my pride.

Jesus suffered the cross

for a world of sinners.

Could I not suffer cold

for my father?

I met him at the corner

just two blocks away.

He was leaning against a pole

I could see he was tired,

alone he could go no further.

Without thinking

I took the bags

from his ice cold hands

and offered him my elbow.

As we walked home

With my father on my arm

and the weight of his bags on my shoulders.

Another thought came to my head.

This is exactly what Jesus did for me.

At a time when my faith was weak

Jesus took my burdens

and gave me His arm.

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