Along the Road

We’ve been running long now  

the road is long and holds many obstacles.

Dear Friend do not be discouraged,             

the prize will soon be won.

The race has been hard,                           

we’ve stumbled and fallen                          

We are thankful for those                           

who stopped to help us up.

We’ve seen so many along the way              

that were broken and hurting.                  

Angry at the Father and the world                

for the pain they have endured.

It would be good to say                               

that you and I helped them.                           

As we ourselves                                         

were once helped.

How sad it would be                                       

if we simply turned away.                           

Dear friend think of the race                      

they too must run.

One thought on “Along the Road

  1. Very nice poem. I don’t know if you had this in mind as you wrote it, but the more I read this poem, the more I see reflection and cycle. It’s the reflection the person makes in verse 4 that gives them the compassion to pick up the “stumbled” (as they once were). It’s hard to explain, but when I read the 3rd and 4th verse (if that’s what you call them), I can see the poem starting over… for a new person. This would be the same kind of compassion we are to show others as Jesus spoke of in the 2nd greatest commandment to the Pharisees.

    This was just what came to my mind as I read your poem. If I’m way off base, just let me know. Hahaha.

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