God You Amaze Me.

I look into the heavens   

I see the stars that twinkle                              

in the dark of the night.                                   

I marvel at your beauty.                                    

You are my Creator.

I hear the thunder,                                       

see the lightening, feel the rain.                        

I tremble at your power                                

yet I am unafraid.                                           

You are my strong tower.

I wake in the morning                                      

to the warmth of sunshine                  

streaming through the cracks in my blinds,     

the smell of coffee and pancakes fill my senses.

You are my Provider.

My heart feels a gentle tug                          

when I see the tears of a hurting soul.          

Let me be a comfort in times of trouble.          

Let my character be a reflection of you.       

You are my God . You amaze me. 

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