phobia of…a vacuum-cleaner?

You are reading correctly, I did discover yesterday I am terrified of my vacuum cleaner. I was vacuuming my bedroom, something got stuck in the vacuum cleaner and I thought it was going to blow up on me. I was scared to vacuum the rest of my room, I freaked every time the thing made a sound. Other than its usual sucking sound of course. However I got over it and was able to clean the rest of my room. Perhaps next time I’ll make sure there aren’t any thumb tacks left lying around before I start vacuuming.

13 thoughts on “phobia of…a vacuum-cleaner?

  1. I think I have it too. It takes me FOREVER to get the guts to turn it on, and when I do, I feel all paranoid, kinda. It’s hard to describe. Is it really called Zuigerphobia?

    • I honestly don’t know if thats what it is called but for the longest time I thought it was just me. I know how you feel about being paranoid.

  2. omg one time i was vacuming up the dining room and it stareted to smock and i was only like 7 or 8 idk but it was smoking and i tote is was going to blow up so ever scents i never even tuched the vacume and i am 12 and i am still affraid of the vacume and when my mom trys to vacume i almost cry i dont know if there is a phobe for that but idk

  3. Well jeeze. I want to know the actual term for a vacum phobic. Because m friends chihuahua’s are scared of it so bad and i think it’s funny. So every time I see them get scared I want to call them the term of a vacume phobic. So some one should find it and post it?

  4. OMG.
    I’ve been scared of vaccum’s for all my life.
    I heard on the news someone chopped their toe off from a Vaccum

    Whenever my mom comes by me with a vaccum I cry and jump on a piece of furniture

  5. omg…. im scared to vaccum small spaces such as my room… mayB its the noise or wen things get caught in it.. i dunno.. i just have this eerie feeling wenever i vaccum the room.. now i have my mother sit on my bed and watch me as i vaccum lol

  6. I think i have a phobia of vacuum cleansers too. I dont know what it is called though. I always have a feeling that they are going to suck my toes off.

  7. My mom was vacuuming and I started to freak out =/
    Not fun. I almost started crying
    I also found out that toddlers are scaried of vacuums =/

  8. So… would this be considered vacuaphobia? Vacuuphobia? Oooh… I like this one… vacuatergeophobia (I made that up by adding the Latin word for “clean” as in “to wipe off”) Haha. Good story… and do be sure to look out for those thumb tacks.

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