Please Don’t Smoke

I see you from a distance
You seem harmless
Completely human
I come closer
Enough to see

Cancerous blue smoke
Curling upward
Grabbing my lungs
As I walk by.
I wish I had the nerve
To take it away
And stomp on it.
Then walk away victoriously.
But I haven’t got the nerve
So perhaps
When I see you next
I will remind you
Of the lives being ruined
With every smoke
Of your cigarette
Perhaps I’ll tap your shoulder
“I am young
I want to live
Please don’t smoke.”

4 thoughts on “Please Don’t Smoke

  1. hey i love this it is well said my husband ain’t a smoker but my dad always was about 15yrs ago,thank goodness he quit.

  2. Great job Margaret…your words were spoken right from my heart. I struggle tremendously with smoke, it makes me feel ill. Sometimes at my workplace, I must walk through a smokescreen….just to enter the building. It’s just not fair… Thanks so much for sharing from your heart. You truly are a precious pearl.

    I appreciate you more every day…


  3. oh man my boyfriend smokes. i know this feeling exactly. i force him not to do it around me buti really wish he would stop all together. you said this perfectly <33

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