Gerry and Wilmer

It’s a bright morning in West Hamilton. The birds are heard singing and the sun shines through the canopy of green above Gerry and Wilmer.

Gerry: I’m amazed at your wife Will, she’s changed so much.

Wilmer: Yeah, I can’t believe I never saw it coming.

Gerry: Saw what coming?

Wilmer: This!! I mean her family was super religious but I never thought she would go for the whole Jesus thing.

Gerry: What do you mean Will?

Wilmer: When we got married she was determined to turn me around, she pulled me away from the faith I had…she said it was junk. Now she’s turned to God and I’m stuck feeling like the worst betrayer on the face of the planet.

Gerry: Why do you feel that way?

Wilmer: (He takes a deep breath) I rejected God so she would marry me…I don’t know if God will take me back. Gerry….I can’t live with the thought…that I’ve ruined my life for good.

Gerry: Hey Will, you remember Peter right? He’s the guy that told Jesus to His face that he would be willing to die for him. You remember what he did right? He denied Jesus…three times…not once…not twice…three times. That must have broke His heart, but you know what He did?

Wilmer: He forgave him.

Gerry: That’s right brother, in John 21:15-19 Jesus reinstates Peter. Peter is forgiven and welcomed back into the family of God.

Wilmer: You really think He’ll do it Gerry?

Gerry: Listen Will, the only thing that’s going to stop God from forgiving you, is you. God loves you and wants to forgive you, but He can’t if you don’t ask Him to.

Wilmer: Thanks Gerry, you’re a good friend.

Gerry: One does One’s best. (Wilmer laughs at this and gives Gerry a hug.)

Wilmer: What do you say brother, should we get on our knees?

Gerry nods and the two brothers kneel to seek the almighty throan. Meanwhile, in Heaven, the Father rejoices at a lost son’s return.

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