Prom Night

Prom night is a special night for most high school graduates. It signifies the end of more than twelve years of forming relationships and friendships, and it means saying goodbye to friends you may never see again. Prom night is about getting dressed up and having a great night with friends. My prom story doesn’t start on prom night, it starts five days prior to that night in our school cafeteria.

“Josh isn’t taking you to prom” This came from Taylor, a friend of Josh’s. ” He doesn’t want to take you, but he’ll take you if he can’t find anyone else,” this came from Alex “you’re his last resort.” I tried not to feel hurt, but I was, and I knew it was showing. I already had my prom ticket and dress, I had an appointment to get my hair done, and now I had no one to go with.

When my younger sisters found out about my situation they all wanted to knock the living daylights out of Josh. Of course they didn’t because they never saw him. At this point I had decided not to go to Prom after all, but my younger sister’s boyfriend wouldn’t have it. James volunteered to take me to prom, this was my special night and he wouldn’t let it be ruined by someone I had thought to be my friend. I was finally starting to feel good about the idea, but the day before prom night I found out that James would not be able to go to prom. He didn’t have a ticket.

“Thats it” I thought, “I’m not going.” I didn’t want to be alone all night. A short time after I ran into a couple of my frinds at school, they were all going by themselves too. They told me I could just hang out with them, so I agreed.

On prom night I had my brother Frank pick me up and drive me to Liuna Station where the prom was held. He told me just before I got out that I would have to find my own way home. I told him that would be fine even though I honestly had no idea who I would ask. He then gave me a hug and told me to have a good night.

When I walked into the station I was greeted by a female officer who proceeded to pat me down to check for drugs and what not. Of course there was nothing on me so she let me go. I had just finished handing in my ticket when I saw him. Josh was coming from the dining hall. He was dressed in a black tux, he wore a yellow rose boutonniere on his jacket, and his hair was nicely cut. He was the last person I wanted to see. I turned my back to him and walked towards a group of people, most of whom I had never met. I could feel my feelings rise to the surface again and I didn’t want him to see them. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him talk to the teachers at the front desk and then walk back into the dining hall.

Several minutes later I was approached by Mr. DelSordo, the principal. He took me aside and told me Josh had explained the situation to him and that I was indeed not his last resort. He told me how crushed Josh’s heart was and that he just wanted to spend the night with me, and that he would take me home. He also told me that Josh’s date hadn’t been able to make it. He then asked if he could take me to Josh. Of course I didn’t say anything, I just went.

I don’t remember anything Mr. DelSordo said to Josh and I at that point, I just remember my embarrassment when he made Josh hug me infront of five former teachers. I was a bit relieved when the principal sugested that we go get a drink from the bar. The iced tea did get my nerves to settle down a bit, mostly because I had something else to concentrate on. Things only went downhill from there.

Dinner was served and eaten, and then the dancing began. This was the first and only dance I have ever attended, so it is no surprise that I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t dance with Josh until about halfway through. It was the first slow song and the only song I danced to. Actually, I think it was more just spinning in circles. My hands were sweaty and I was starting to get a cramp from putting all my wieght on the balls of my feet. Not only that, I noticed about three of my former teachers watching with grins on their faces. I wanted the floor to swallow me. I understand now why Josh ditched me the rest of the night. It was awkward dancing with someone I know will never be more than a friend to me.

The rest of the evening, while most of the people were grinding on the dance floor, I sat with my friend Courtney. We talked about all the wonderful and terrible things we had experienced during high school. We talked about how completely ignorant some guys are when it comes to a girl’s thoughts and feelings. We both tried a Shirley temple and hopped around the dance floor in our bare feet. I managed to drag my floor-length dress through several puddles and completely soak my feet.

About half an hour before the dance ended, the principal asked me how everything was going. I told him it was not a night I wanted to remember. He told me he loved me, I was beautiful and thats all that mattered. Now if it had been anyone else had said that I would have been a little creeped out but Mr. DelSordo is one of those sweet guys you can’t help liking.

At five minutes to midnight, Josh came and told me it was time to go. We said goodbye to all our friends and teachers and headed out the door. The first thing we saw was a row of limos, each waiting for a bunch of worn out teenagers. For a moment I wondered if Josh would have a limo, but before I could ask I noticed his aunt waving to us from the parking lot. On the way home Josh’s aunt and grandmother wanted to know all about the dance and the food. Of course Josh did most of the talking, I just stared into space and answered whenever a question was directed at me. I just wanted to get home and take all the bobby pins out of my hair and soak my feet in the tub.

When the car finally pulled up in front of my house, I thanked Josh’s aunt for the ride and told Josh I would see him at the graduation the next day. On my way up the stairs I tripped on my dress, and ripped a piece of the inside layer of the dress. That was not a happy moment, but I didn’t let it bother me. I just stood up and waved goodbye to Josh and walked in the door.

One thought on “Prom Night

  1. hey,i’m sure you know i am from facebook,i want to tell you i read this story,i loved it cuz the way it was written and you could tell how God help you thru the night.
    it’s beautiful!

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