My Baptismal Testimony

I decided years ago to give my life to God. It was at a church convention when I was fifteen years old. The pastor gave a message that jolted me to the core. I realized I could not live my life without God in it. But it seemed that almost as soon as I got back home, influences around me got the better of me.
I could apply the words of Paul to this point in my life. “For the good that I would I do not: but the evil that I would not, that I do.” (Romans 7:19)
My spiritual life was a constant up and down; my faith would be built up and then become lukewarm again. I began to wonder why I could not live my life the way God intended me to.
I soon realized that when I no longer found time to pray and read the Bible, my faith would become weak.
Not too long ago I was challenged to read my Bible through front-to-back in a year. I took that challenge and with that came a new perspective. I began each day with prayer and ended each day with prayer. Through this my faith has become strong and confident.
I began this challenge with Genesis at the beginning of January. Today I am five chapters away from finishing 2 Kings.
I pray that my faith would continue to grow and that I could be a light to those around me: my family, my friends, and strangers alike.
As David prayed in Psalm 86:2 I also pray.
“Guard my life for I am devoted to you.”

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