A Bitter Taste

I closed my eyes
Trying to make them go away.
The pictures that flashed
Across the screen.

Men screaming in agony
Blood oozing from open wounds.
Children abandoned in corners
Taken from their mother’s arms.

I can’t make them fade
They sink into my mind.
Their pain leaves a bitter taste
In a place within I cannot define.

Scholars and students argue
About the reasons and philosophies
That may lie behind the actions of evil
But they are pointless, whom will they help?

I feel the fury burning
But what can I do?
In whom do I find the power
To turn this bitter taste, sweet?

2 thoughts on “A Bitter Taste

  1. Yeah. It’s sad how people with the power to help spend all their time debating about pointless things instead of doing something. Did you know that every day enough children die (of hunger I think, can’t remember for sure) to fill two boeing airoplanes. Now, if two airoplanes were to fall from the sky and lose all their passengers every day, people would freak out, but no-one cares about that. Maybe this is slightly off topic but (luckily) poetry os open to interpretation *grins*
    And other people regard suffering as a subject to be studied. Sad.
    Nice imagery all the way through, of course 🙂

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