Written With Intention

No two books are alike,

nor are their authors,

but every book and writer

has one thing in common with the rest.

A book carries years of memories

made up of stories that were just that,

until someone gave it a meaning

and a reason to be told.

Though the story has meaning

the book has a purpose; a mandate

Some are written to encourage

others to make one laugh, cry, and think.

Not one book or story

would fulfill it’s given duty

if words were changed

or certain parts left out.

Every word, or form of punctuation,

is written with intention

and so it must be, to achieve the goal

put in place by the pen’s holder.

Consider the ups and downs,

gains and losses, successes  and failures

and remember the pen,

held in the hand of God.

What did you think? I'd love to hear from you!

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