Two Mothers

mother and I

Most are blessed with one but I have been raised by two. While the first birthed me, the second raised me through most of my childhood. She taught me the value of being honest, polite and kind to all I met. It was with her that I grew fond of gardens, sunshine, and quiet Sunday afternoons. It was also with her that I first experienced feelings of despair and betrayal as my first mother walked back into my life and she walked out.
My birth mother had a determination that enabled her to get me back after the first seven and a half years of my life. She traveled from Canada, through the states, and into Mexico just to have back what was hers. Leaving behind her eleven other children. I love her dearly for this. I would not be the person I am today if it was not for that love and determination. For the last thirteen years of my life she has been there through all my struggles, my teenage years, and transition into adulthood. All the while haveing no idea who I had been as a child.
I admire and love both of the woman who at different times have loved me and cherished me. I would be more than blessed to be half the woman they were as a mother.

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