Christmas Traditions

I have always been fascinated by the different traditions that families have for Christmas. I’ve read and heard of many families that have traditions of going out to the tree farm and finding the perfect tree for Christmas. Other families like mine put up and artificial tree, mostly because it doesn’t make such a mess, and we can use it for years. Whatever the tradition, I am sure they bring many memories to those families.

I don’t know what traditions are taking place in your home  if any at all, but I’d like to share some of mine with you.

Our Christmas tree never goes up the same time every year, but every year it looks the same; as if we’ve put everything remotely resembling Christmas on that tree. We’ve got old ornaments, new ornaments and ornaments that my siblings and I made when we were in elementary school. We’ve never done stringed pop-corn, but we have tinsel and lights. We used to have blinking lights on the tree, but now that are  just plain blue. Well, not blue in the sad way, just blue.

Every year on Christmas Eve, those of us who still attend church, go to see the children’s Christmas program.  I have to admit I haven’t missed a single Christmas Eve program since I came to Canada in 1997. It’s neat how not a single program has been the same but it always revolves around the same Baby Jesus. It is the meaning of Christmas after all. Although when I was in Sunday School, I was more excited about the treat bag and present that I would get after the program. Tonight I watched as my four-year old niece said her part in the program, then saw her face light up when she looked into the treat bag. It was precious.

I don’t know if you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. Truth is, my family likes to wait until after the family dinner on Christmas day to open our gifts. Well, some don’t like to wait, they just do because Mom said so!

Speaking of Christmas dinner with the family, this will be the first year since 1997 that I will not  be enjoying my mother’s turkey, mashed potatoes, and homemade bread. In fact, I will not be there at all. This year, I’ll be enjoying my boyfriend’s mom’s cooking in their home. Honestly, I’m not sure how to feel about that. I’m super excited because I get to enjoy Christmas dinner with my boyfriend, a young man who has won my heart over time and time again, but at the same time, I feel a sense of loss. This is the first year that I will not be there to watch my nieces and nephews dig into their presents, see their faces light up, and who is going to take pictures and put them on Facebook? 😛 That’s always me. Oh well, maybe they won’t miss me too much.


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