Jesus is Coming, but today?

We’ve all seen the signs, heard the news, and seen it in the paper. But do we believe it? Many people may be scared into repentance because, what if Jesus really does come back today? But what those people don’t know is that only God knows when that will happen.

It is hard to understand why a person would convince himself that he could calculate the exact date of the Apocalypse when in-fact  he has tried and failed in the past. The Watchtower society has done the same thing. Time and time again they predicted the return of the Messiah, but every time they are proven wrong and made to look like fools.

There is a scripture in the Bible that states that no man knows the day or the hour that Christ returns. In fact it states that Jesus will return like a thief in the night, its going to be unexpected and startling. I’ve never had a thief in the house, day or night, but I am convinced that they don’t send you a memo letting you know when they will be coming. You just have to be alert and ready for it.

To be honest, there is no way of knowing exactly when Jesus will come back, but we know that He will. When He does we wont have time to question it.

2 thoughts on “Jesus is Coming, but today?

  1. Many people also don’t realize that, if it is tomorrow, there’s not a whole lot you can do. Yeah, you can pray extra long, but God knows the heart. It is up to God whom He will save, but the idea of pushing Christianity the old salesman way where you need to “get it now with the one-time offer or its too late” always seemed dishonest to me, both on the part of the minister and on the part of some of the converts.
    And of course, Harold Camping has already proven himself a false prophet at best, anyway. It is interesting to think about though- after all, shouldn’t we live like every day could be the last? Shouldn’t we try to live in thankfulness always, knowing God sees us NOW and could come any time?
    Unwittingly, I think, Mr. Camping has reminded me that the little joys of this life are not worth giving up eternal Joy.

    • Hey Kevin, I completely agree. Kind of reminds me of that song that says “live like you were dying”. Life is precious, but its what happens after life that counts.

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