Writing: The Perfect Cure for Writer’s Block

I know it sounds absolutely absurd but it works. Writing is the perfect cure to writer’s block. I’m saying this based on personal experience and no scientific research whatsoever. It just works and I’ll tell you how.

I believe its safe to say that since leaving high school, I’ve been prisoner to what I’d like to call a lack of inspiration and motivation when it comes to writing. You see, in Westdale I had teachers that read, critiqued, and challenged the materials I wrote. It gave me a joy and passion for writing. However since being out of school, all that is gone along with the writing itself.

Recently I decided to get back to my passion, and with high hopes of getting something published. So I got out my binder of blank paper and sat down to write. For nearly a week I couldn’t think of anything to write about, sure I jotted down names, a sentence here and there but I still couldn’t come up with an actual story. Then it hit me.

One of my English teachers once told me that the best place to begin when writing, especially when dealing with writer’s block, is to write about something you know. Even if that means writing about yourself. With this in mind I started writing down memories of my early childhood. One memory led to another and in another week and a half I collected about eleven pages worth of memories. During the process I started getting other ideas for different material.

So there you go. If you’re stuck with writer’s block, just keep writing. Write about yourself, your past, present, and even your future. Just as long as you don’t stop writing. Especially if writing is your passion, let it take you somewhere, and as my fiance likes to remind me; believe in yourself!

Good Luck!

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