Finding Rita Lang

Earlier this week, with very much excitement, I became a member of ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers). Quite frankly, its the train I’ve wanting to board for quite some time. I have Margaret Daley, one of my favorite authors to thank for suggesting this site to me. 

During the application process I was asked to provide my pen name, only I’d never really thought of one. I debated with myself on the topic of whether I actually needed one. I thought to myself, everyone who reads this blog has always known me by my real name. What if by taking up a pen name, I lose potential readers? Or, what if by not using a pen name, readers already have a preconceived opinion based on something that I wrote before? 

All these questions ran through my mind, refusing to be still. So I did something useful, I asked for my fiance’s opinion. Through that conversation I received the perfect pen name. Rita Lang, is that name. But no, it is not just any name. My fiance was actually being quite clever when he suggested it to me. You see, Rita is the last syllable in my full name, Lang is the first syllable in what will be my surname once I marry. 

So, my dear friends, let me introduce you to my new name, my pen name, Rita Lang. I hope that you will enjoy all that she will produce in the literary world. 

Now the only question that remains is, when do I, or don’t I use my pen name?

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