Why a Journal?

  It started when I was in the seventh grade. The English teacher gave us an assignment where at the end of the week we had to take an hour write something that happened during the week. While some in the class struggled to think of something to write, I had trouble fitting everything I had to write into an hour.

Pretty soon I went out and bought a notebook. This way the things I couldn’t fit into my hour at school went into my personal journal. However at this point I called it a diary and I addressed it as that. Every entry began with “Dear Diary”. Of course I never let anyone near my beloved diary.

Thankfully by the time I became a young adult I began to call it a journal and no longer addressed the notebook as if it was a long-lost friend. That said I still write down everything that happens to be crossing my mind.

I appreciate my journal, it doesn’t judge me for my insane or troubling moments. It’s the friend that can be replaced when it has become so full of me that its pages are about to burst. Believe me it has happened. As it stands I am one page away from filling yet another notebook.

Now you’re wondering, what happens to these journals once they have been filled? I keep them. I put them in a box for safekeeping. I intend to leave my journals as a legacy for my children, then theirs after them. Of course I don’t have any children yet but I will, some day, God willing.

What are other reasons for Journaling?

1. It’s incredibly therapeutic. When I’ve had a rough day writing down my thoughts and frustrations helps me to calm down and think things through.

2. My fiancé knows me better than anyone in my family does. I like to have my fiancé read my journal. I wont let anyone else at least not until I have children that are old enough to read. There have been times when something was particularly troubling, I wrote about it, my fiancé read it and just held me. I didn’t have to say anything. It was great!

If you keep a daily, weekly, or even bi-weekly journal you know what I mean. However if you don’t, I’d like to suggest you give it a try. Who knows you just might enjoy it.

5 thoughts on “Why a Journal?

  1. I remember when I started my current daily journal. December 1, 1989. I don’t write in it every day these days – I give some of my writing time to fiction – but the important stuff goes into it. So does my to-do list.

    And you’re right. It is therapeutic.

    But I also keep a general writing journal which gets attention once in a while; a journal for each story I work on; and a journal for each painting I do. The painting journals are more like how-to journals than anything, but I also record thoughts and reactions to each project.

  2. I have kept a journal for years. I don’t write daily – but I write mine as prayer letters to God. He’s the only One who ever sees my writings. I have boxes filled with journals. I also take sermon notes in them, write down scriptures that mean a lot. When I start a new journal I go through the previous one and write down anything I want to keep handy in the next to review and reflect on (quotes, ideas, song lyrics that were meaningful, Scriptures that are especially relevant at that time in my journey.). I have often thought of doing this on my computer but my journal can go with me when my computer cannot and is always available at a moment’s notice and there is something about writing by hand that forces me to s-l-o-w my thoughts down and process things a bit more carefully. That doesn’t mean it’s always legible but since God is the only one who really needs to understand my thoughts – that’s okay too! Blessings to you Rita!

  3. Hi, Rita… I had a dear friend in middle school (we called it junior high school back then – LOL!) and high school who kept a journal religiously. I’m rather embarrased to say I don’t have the discipline for that kind of thing. I’m still amazed that I’m able to blog three times a weeek and that I finished a novel in five (5) months. It may never be published (although I certainly hope it will 🙂 ), but I thank God for giving me the persistence to complete it. By the way: it sounds like that fiance of yours is a keeper. Blessings!

    • He’s a keeper alright! I’m crazy about him. If it wasn’t for him I’d have far less to write about! 🙂 If you can write a book in 5 months, I have hope that I can write mine in less than a year. Good luck getting yours published.

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