God’s Handprint

As I sit here planning and thinking about my wedding, I think about how I want my wedding, and my marriage to have God’s hand print on it. I want to make God smile.

Then I started thinking of God’s hand print on other area’s of my life. I think of my birth in a place of poverty. I think of how I was taken from my home to be raised by a Mennonite Pastor’s family. Of course I think of my reunion with my family at the age of seven.I think of the house fire we had when I was in grade two, how Lilly and Gunther took me in when we had nowhere else to call home. I think of becoming a  Christian. These events have molded me into the person I am today.

It seems the more that I think about it, the more I see God’s hand print in my life. Even in the every day things. Of course I can’t physically see God’s hand print but I know they are there because of how those moments impacted me. It’s an incredible feeling to know that no matter how aware or unaware I am of God’s role in my life, He is always actively loving me.

Where do you see God’s Hand print in your own life?

God bless,

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