God – My Father?

Chapter 3 – Crazy Love

My thoughts:

I have to be honest, when my Sunday school teachers first told me that God is my heavenly Father, I felt disappointment. I think many people feel this way. There are those who grow up with an abusive father, or a no-show father, or those who just don’t get along with their dads. We then take this image of our dad and think, if my heavenly Father is like this, I’m better off without him.

I remember when I was younger. To me, my father was unapproachable. He swore a lot and never showed much affection, if any. I began to resent him for not being the loving father that I needed, not realizing that God was already there, waiting for me to approach Him. It was hard though because I thought what I needed was a dad who would take me places, tuck me in at night, give me hugs and kisses and tell me how much he loved his little girl. I was so hateful towards my dad, that my image of God was severely clouded.

Then when I started thinking of God as my Father, as someone who knew before I was even born. God, my heavenly Father put me together piece by piece in my mother’s womb. I began to understand, God’s love better, and in doing so, I began to understand that my Dad does love me. He just doesn’t speak the same love language as me. With God’s help, I began to learn what his love language was, and it wasn’t that hard to do.

I am so thankful that I can approach both my dad and my heavenly Father. God loves us so very much and wants us to be able to come to Him with all of our concerns. All it really takes is for us to stop and talk to Him. He cares, He will listen!

God Bless,

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