Yuck! Cold Coffee!

Crazy Love – Chapter Four

My Thoughts:

I understand what Francis Chan means when he talks about his cold coffee. That’s happened to me too, so many times. But I’ve also been a lukewarm Christian so many times. Most of the time I’m not even aware of the fact that it’s happening. But here is how it happens;

  • you stop reading the Bible every day
  • you stop praying every day
  • you stop going to church
  • soon you barely every read your Bible at all
  • then you forget to pray

By this point there is no communication between you and God. You’re drifting farther from the truth of God’s word and that hurts God. That’s when you’re lukewarm and God says He’s ready to spit you out! I can’t imagine that God would put you in his mouth and then literally spit you out. I think God is just warning us that He can’t use us for His purpose when we have drifted so far away.

So if your coffee has become cold, stick it in the microwave, then enjoy it! While you’re at it, let God heat up your faith and then He can use you for His purpose.

God Bless!

3 thoughts on “Yuck! Cold Coffee!

  1. Do you think that those things are the causes themselves or symptoms of another issue? It seems that we often begin to focus too much on the physical – what we can see, hear, touch, and lose sight of God.

    • I think you’re right in saying we put too much focus on the physical. But for your question, the circumstances of how it happens could be different for everyone. Sometimes it can be as simple as just forgetting about God, other times there’s so much more involved.

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