Not all Video Games are Bad

For years I would watch my brothers play video games and I’d think, what a waste of time. Sure the games looked fun at times but all they did was sit on the couch and exercise their thumbs. Basically it’s a great way to be lazy. But that was before Xbox 360 came up with the kinect.

Xbox 360 and the Kinect came the opportunity to have fun with video games while being active at the same time. It’s fantastic! A very worthwhile investment.

This is way better than Dance Dance Revolution!

Now, there are two games in particular that I want to boast about. The first is Dance Central 2 (I haven’t used the prequel, and the third one hasn’t been released yet.) This game features 44 songs, voice control, simultaneous two player game play in both cooperative and competitive modes with drop in/drop out functionality, an improved fitness mode, a more in-depth and customizable “Break it Down” mode, allowing the player to practice only specific moves in a routine, and a campaign mode featuring dance crews of various styles. Not only that, but you also have the choice between going easy, medium, or hard. Each adding more complex moves, and the harder the difficulty, the less room you have for errors.

I’ll admit it now, even if you’re dancing on ‘easy’, it get’s tough. Depending on how long you’re dancing for. If you have an hour session with the game, you can count on burning at least 150 calories. You will be sweating and you will feel the pain the next morning if you don’t feel it already. Also, wear socks and/or shoes or you’re going to have some lovely blisters under your toes. I speak from experience.

This video here shows a young lady completing a dance on the highest difficulty level. Note that there is a lot of moving involved.


The next game I want to talk about is UFC Personal Trainer Kinect. In a nutshell, you’ve got your own personal trainer to teach you how to box. I played this for the first time today and I’m definitely feeling the pain. I’m pretty confident that if I keep playing this game, I’m going to get back in shape real soon. And the awesome thing about this game is that you can take what you learn from this game and do it anywhere.

The video below will give you an idea of what a “Hit the Mitts retinue” is like on the hardest level.

I hope you were inspired to get, or stay active.

God bless.

What did you think? I'd love to hear from you!

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