O Canada!

I consider myself privileged and proud to be a Canadian citizen. Even though this isn’t where I was born, I have come to love the quirks that this great country has to offer. I love Canada for its geography, its vast landscapes and breathtaking scenery. I love it for its history and its heritage. I’ve also grown to love what Canada symbolizes, represents and stands for. I just love being a Canadian.

I had it drilled into me upon my arrival to Canada that one could not talk about Canada without mentioning The Hockey Sweater and Tim Horton’s. To me it seems that the three are tightly connected. You can’t watch Hockey Night in Canada and not feel some sort of patriotic emotion. At least I can’t. I think that’s why Jeffrey really had no trouble getting me to appreciate hockey more. I already had a connection to it that I’d labeled as part of being a Canadian. Just like cold winters, and building a snowman on the first big drop if the winter.

I mentioned that I love the history of Canada, I really do but I really haven’t given Canada’s history any thought since grade 10 History. Thinking about it now makes me wonder what it was like for people 145 years ago today. How proud a moment that must have been, even if it did take up until 30 years ago for Canada to become independent. Now that, must have been a proud moment.

Now, I don’t know how many people have one of these, but I still remember my most  favorite memory of Canada. It was the very night that I came to Canada, on February 15, 1997. I remember it being a dark cold night, but there was snow. Coming from Mexico to Canada after 7 years of no snow was a shocker. I remember that night, sharing the top bunk with my oldest sister and then going out the next morning to make a snowman. I’m pretty sure I was no help what so ever, but still the memory is there, as a re many other Canada memories but I shall have to save them for another time.

Right now, God bless you, le’s build some more canada memories.

What did you think? I'd love to hear from you!

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