If Only I’d Known then, What I Know Now

I had a meeting with my employment counselor yesterday. I left her feeling helpless to my situation when I told her that I wanted to pursue writing as a career, specifically freelance writing. Although she denied that I was wasting her time, she told me that here in Hamilton, you can’t get a job as a freelance writer without some sort of certificate or degree. That’s when I began to feel frustrated and hopeless.

I left the meeting probably looking dejected and helpless. A rush of regrets washed over me. If only I’d thought of freelancing as a career while I was in high school. But back then, writing was just a hobby to me. If only I had known then what I know now. We all say that now and then don’t we. We all regret something or other.

If only I had known in high school that writing would only become more important to me. I could have made more of an effort to do even better in English class and History too. I could have looked into  some sort of writing course at the local college. Did I do that?


Instead I was adamant about going to one of the most expensive Universities there are in Ontario. If there is one thing I learned from that, it’s that if I really truly want something. I will get it. So maybe it wasn’t such a horrible thing after all.

Looking back I do recall applying for a course in Journalism at a University in Toronto, I don’t remember being accepted. It leaves me to wonder though, what would have happened if I had pursued it then. Then again, what will I gain by living in my regrets?


I must pick myself up, dust off, and move forward. I did my research, not every freelance writer has a degree, and even those that do can’t guarantee themselves success. What I do need is will power and determination. I have to learn the business, familiarize myself with the market, and most importantly I just have to keep writing. That’s the only way I’m going to find my strengths and weaknesses as a writer. Just Write!

Oh, and there’s one more thing that I cannot forget. I consider writing a gift from God. If this is the career that He has in mind for me, there will be a way. I am sure of it.

God Bless.

2 thoughts on “If Only I’d Known then, What I Know Now

  1. Oh my. Absolutely!!! Don’t worry a bit. I have no college degree and worked as a journalist as well as a freelance writer, earning $1000 for each story I wrote, as a ghostwriter. You can do it and God will show you the way.

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