How Praying For Patience Makes God Giggle

Several days ago I submitted my first article to I have yet to see whether my article will actually be excepted. So here I am, praying for God to help me be patient. Of course then I expect whatever I need happen, to happen sooner. I don’t want to wait. But how does God teach patience?

He just makes you wait longer.

That is why I think that when you pray for patience, God giggles. Imagine with me for a moment;

God is sitting on His heavenly throne, and then, imagine an angel of God’s comes to Him and says,

“God, there’s a new message for you, this young lady is asking for patience.” God accepts the message, then looks down at me with such love in His eyes, and a hint of humor too. Then He giggles and says to me,

“You want patience? Okay, just wait a moment.”

Now I’m not saying that’s exactly how it happens but you get the idea. So I say be careful what you pray for. God will answer. When you pray for patience, God is sure to provide you with something that will test your patience.

That’s all for now. God bless.

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