A Special Friend

7 years ago I was blessed with the friendship of a very kind and special lady named Gail. Gail took time out of her day once a week just for me. She was the kind of person that really listened. She didn’t judge me; she was just my friend. We lost touch over the years due to unforeseen circumstances in her life. Today as I chatted with my next door neighbor Betty, I thought about Gail, I told her about Gail. Then I watched her eyes go big.
Turns out Betty and Gail have known each other since high school. They’re practically sisters. Betty got out her phone and sent Gail a text message. I’m still in shock. You just watch, when Betty invites Gail over in the next coming days –  I’ll cry.

I still can’t get over it. Seven years ago, on my 16th birthday, we had our last outing. Tomorrow is my 23rd birthday and my next door neighbor is set on making sure that I see Gail again.

Now that, is no coincidence.  It’s pure blessing.

3 thoughts on “A Special Friend

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