Let’s Catch Up

It feels like ages since you’ve heard from me. So much has happened in the last couple months and now that I finally have a free evening I feel urged to write something.
First things first: I am no longer a single woman. Yup! After a year and seven months of being engaged, Jeffrey and I finally tied the knot. It feels so good to be done with the waiting. I’m so glad we found each other; he’s such a sweetheart.
Secondly: Its been four months since I got the housekeeping job at Howard Johnson, and I’m proud to say that I haven’t quit or gotten fired yet! In fact I’m the one training all the new folk. Considering that since I started I have seen five housekeepers come and go. Out of which I trained two. Did I mention that I’m the youngest employee there? Believe me, telling someone who is older than me how things should be done, is not something I am comfortable with.
Nevertheless, I won’t complain. I know that God has me right where He wants me to be. Sure, many days I feel overwhelmed but I’m thankful for this opportunity.
It took me a while to realize how much I am actually growing as a person. I have gained not only experience but confidence and diligence too.
Well, that was me catching up. Time for a cup of coffee and a good book. Have a good night everyone.

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