My Life ~ My Niche

Have I had it all along? I’ve said in previous posts that my niche was unfocused. I thought I was hopping all over the place where writing niches are concerned. But in some way, all my posts are related to my life. My life is my niche.

With the new look of my blog, which I am still not too sure about, my posts will continue to be life related. However instead of being random, my posts will be planned ahead of time. I’ll be focusing on stories from my life that taught me something important as there are numerous moments like that.

I’ll share a moment with you right now as it relates to why I continued on with my blog when it finished being a school assignment.

My blog was an assignment for a day. It was December 7th, 2007, when I wrote my first blog. It was only two paragraphs which began an unforeseeable journey for me. I got my grade telling me that I had a great design, my post was well written, and then that was it.

But that wasn’t it. I went back several days later and wrote a post that to this day remains my most active post. I titled it “The Hands of Jesus“. This is a poem that made Jesus more personal to me, but it also taught me that what I have to say makes a difference.

I saw that what I had to say was important. I also realized that writing was a gift and my blog was the perfect place to hone that gift.

Nothing has changed to this day. Writing is my passion. Life is my teacher. I want to keep learning from life and to share what life teaches me. Writing is my link to the minds of millions. I find that mind boggling, and oh so incredibly empowering.

Have a nice Thursday!

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