Introducing: Corina & Nikki’s Hairbow Boutique

I am honored and excited to introduce you to my sister-in-law’s brand new business and the beautiful girls the business was inspired by and named after.  The business is handmade hairbows for girls and women of all ages. Ivania’s girls love dressing up but often times Ivania just couldn’t find anything that suited her needs. If she did, it was too over priced.

Ivania decided instead of continuing a fruitless search, she would just make them herself. Corina and Nikki love them!  In the photos below, Corina aged 6, and Nikki aged 3, are sporting some of their favorites.

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These bows are made to match any dress or outfit for any occasion. If it strikes your fancy, Corina & Nikki’s hairbow Boutique makes accessorized flip-flops too. In both child and adult sizes.

More Bows

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These bows are made with quality ribbons and cost only $8.00. You don’t find better anywhere else.

It is Ivania’s hope to get these bows selling in stores and at Mom to Mom sales. The main point is selling them. So if you want to contact Corina and Nikki’s hairbow boutique for more information, you can check out their Facebook page or contact them using the information below!


Thanks for visiting, God bless!

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