A Cup of Coffee

It almost feels too hot to write about a hot beverage, but it was my writing prompt for the day. Plus the words, “a cup of coffee” bring out different thoughts, memories, and emotions in all of us. So I’ll gladly deal with the heat while I chat about this beloved drink. 🙂

I don’t know how it was for the rest of you, but I remember the first time I had coffee. I was still in elementary school, or maybe it was middle school. I never said I remembered the exact day and time, just the moment. My mom took a loaf of freshly baked bread(I’m getting to the coffee…just keep reading), cut it into slices, and then baked them until they hard and crispy – like croutons. Then she’d serve up a slice or two to whoever happened to be sitting at the table, with sweetened and whitened coffee poured over the bread. Maybe it’s a Mennonite thing, or maybe it’s just something my mom thought up on her own. I’m not really sure, but I liked it(enough to get hooked).

Of course the coffee soaked bread is a thing of my past, but now you know how I got hooked. I drink coffee in a mug like a normal adult these days, unless it comes in a double plastic cup from Tim Horton’s.  Even though I prefer coffee out of my own coffee maker, it always seems to taste better when I get a cup of coffee at my Parent’s place.  When I think about it “a cup of coffee” means family time, and happy memories.

A cup of coffee is what I get when I get together with one of my siblings. It’s a time for catching up on each-others lives and the simple act of being together. (At home it just means breakfast because I’m the only one who drinks it).

So that’s what a cup of coffee means to me 🙂 Hope you enjoyed reading this. Please feel free to come back another day to read another seemingly random post! 

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