A Special Friend – Follow Up

IMG_20130712_172005[1]Nearly a year ago I wrote a post about my special friend Gail. I had pretty much forgotten about the post until I got a comment yesterday asking me if I had seen Gail again. Well, the answer is yes! I did see Gail again.

It was at Arts Night in Hamilton, on the 30th of November 2012. My next door neighbor Betty had invited me to the event, promising lots of cool stuff, including a rapping poet. For that I was super stoked. I’m a big fan of the arts.

It wasn’t until five minutes after I arrived that I saw a table set up with beautiful flower arrangements, all hand made. They reminded me of Gail. She makes beautiful flower arrangements. That’s when I saw her pop up from behind the table. I waited until she saw me, and then gave her a huge hug.

We had a great time catching up on our lives, although for the most part it was as if we hadn’t parted ways at all. I was so happy to see her, and even happier that she got to meet my husband.

To finish up an already perfect night, my husband bought me one of the flower arrangements. Believe me, getting flowers is rare for me, so when I get them, they become all the more special.

What did you think? I'd love to hear from you!

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