When Her Eyes Danced

Yesterday I told you about the story I planned on writing for my neighbor’s three year old foster daughter. Well, I wrote her story this morning while my husband was out for coffee with a friend. I didn’t type it up as I had originally planned, instead I photocopied my handwritten copy. I didn’t even edit the story. I wrote it in one go, planning as I wrote it.

Then I took both copies over to my neighbor’s house. I ended up giving both copies to Betty so she could decide which copy her little princess could keep. I told her that it would be more special down the road for the little one to have my original.

“Imagine, I said, what if one day she sees my name on the cover of the books in her library. How cool would it be to own an original hand written story by an author?”

I mean, come on. If I had a story handwritten by Karen Kingsbury from before she made it big, I’d be thrilled.

Betty loved the idea. However she happened to be in a meeting so I couldn’t stay to read the story for the kids. So Betty promised to let me know what they thought of it later on.

Hours later, as I was leaving work, I saw that she had sent me a text message.

The story is awesome. I wish you’d seen her eyes dance as I read it.”

I have to admit, those words made my day. They validated me in a way. I felt like finally, I’m going in the right direction. And I do wish I had seen that little girl’s eyes dance while she heard the story that I had written just for her. But then, hearing about it is a joy too. Plus, I told myself that I would have to get used to it. I mean, it’s not like I’m going to be able to sit in every child’s bedroom and watch their eyes dance as their parents read them my stories. I’ll get used to hearing about it.

What did you think? I'd love to hear from you!

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