Dealing With Distractions

When I write, I like to be completely free of any distractions.  Perhaps because I happen to be the type of person that is so very easily distracted.  Just now, I stopped typing to look out the window because I heard something, then I ate five blueberries. Now I have to hit rewind on that tape in my brain, and try to get back on track.

Distractions are a constant struggle for me though. Not just when I write. There are distractions all around me. At home, at work, and any other place I happen to be. I’m like a cat, or dog, that has to explore everything around them. How on earth did I survive high school without ending up in the special needs class? I’m stumped.

My poor husband, constantly getting shushed. I feel bad, but, what can I do? The only time I’m not dealing with distractions is when I’m sleeping or reading a really good book. In those cases my mind is so withdrawn from the real world to notice anything.

So my question is, how do you deal with distractions?

9 thoughts on “Dealing With Distractions

  1. I know the feeling specially when my flatmate keep talking without realizing that I am writing and I have to tell her nicely that if I don’t answer that means I am busy writing and not being rude

  2. I could not write if I didn’t have earphones firmly plugged into my ears. I don’t listen to the music, but I let it blur the background noise of real life so I can concentrate on the writing. Before long the distractions are long gone.

  3. I deal with distractions… poorly. Haha. I very much relate to your post. I feel that I am constantly reaching for that rewind button on the brain tape. And now I’m hungry and want blueberries. I blame you for that. Yum!
    Anyway, I have no tips for dealing with distractions, because I am sadly, absolutely useless at avoiding them. I just wanted to comment and say I loved your blog. Oh, and good luck with the distractions!

  4. Ah yes… like reading blogs on WordPress… distracting me from what I should be doing, which is getting on and writing the final scenes of my current novel.
    Best cure I find for distraction is music, preferably fairly loud. Either through speakers or headphones. It occupies the part of my brain that would otherwise be flitting around and lets the creative part get on with the work!

    • Ah, that makes complete sense. I guess I was onto something the other night when I shoved my headphones in my ear and ignored the rest of the world for while I read my book. Thanks for getting distracted on my behalf 🙂 I appreciate the input.

      • A pleasure but now I must get on!
        Should have mentioned that my other approach to distractions is to give them a time limit – i.e. I let myself spend 20 minutes reading other people’s blogs (that’s the theory anyway) then tell myself I’ve got to do some writing.

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