The No Cat Disagreement

Neighborhood Kitty

Have you ever wanted something so bad that no matter what happens, you just can’t let it go? Well, besides being a writer, that’s how I am with cats. I’m one of those girls that upon seeing a cat, my heart goes soft and I have to stop and say hello, and then resist the urge to take the thing home with me.

Why can’t I take it home? Blame the guy that stole my heart and gave me his last name. If being allergic to cats isn’t bad enough (it’s not like and death guys, he was living in a house with two cats when I met him), he also doesn’t like cats. He hates them, maybe more than I hate the sound of people eating near me, and that’s pretty serious.

For the past several days, maybe weeks, I’ve been trying to get him to change his mind on it. I’ve come to the conclusion that it will never happen. Of course I don’t believe in divorce unless it’s life and death, so I’m going to let my husband grow old with me, and then my first stop after his funeral is the pet shop.Ā  I even told him so last night after coming to the realization that if I die first, I will never get a cat.

This is what happens when you rush into a relationship people. I love him like crazy, but if I had known it would be this hard, I would have gotten a cat when before giving him the chance to say no.

I guess for now, I’ll just have to settle with living in a neighborhood that seems to have an abundance of cats, and having two sisters that are fortunate enough to have a cat.

Mr. Fake and I

Mr. Fake and I

The sad part is that I actually same so close a couple times. My sister once gave me a kitten for my 16th birthday. I got to enjoy him for about a month before we realized he had fleas. I had to call the SPCA to come and get my sweet little kitty.Ā  Then being the grown up that I was, I cried myself to sleep missing Toby the Tabby for a month after that. But at least I had the chance right. It’s like they say, “Better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.”

So, until that fateful day, I’ll have to be happy with Mr. Fake. Here’s a picture of us šŸ˜› I have no idea where I got him or who gave him to me. He’s soft, cute, and very tame. Doesn’t cost a penny either, and I never bothered to get him litter trained. I guess he keeps it in well :-p

I’m gonna stop now.Ā  Clearly I need to go read a book or something.

8 thoughts on “The No Cat Disagreement

  1. I’m in almost the same boat! Luckily my guy is allowing me one cat (it’d be a deal breaker if he didn’t want any). But definitely look into volunteering with animals at a shelter or something, they’re adorable and often very affectionate šŸ™‚

  2. I really like this post. My man really wants a cat. I love them but I’m also allergic. I do have allergy pills that usually work, so who knows maybe some day we will get one. But we’ll need a bigger house first. I looked after a friends cat for a week a while back and then realised we don’t really have anywhere to put the litterbox. It ended up in our bathroom for that week, but I couldn’t cope with the smell. Once we have a garage or a garden where the smell won’t matter as much, I might just give it a go. šŸ™‚ They are adorable though, really!

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