A Walk With Me

I took a walk today
with no destination in mind.
I just walked, looked and listened.
Up one side of the street
and back down the other.
I imagined you were there
walking beside me, hand in hand.
You’d point out the flowers
snuggled up against an ugly brick wall.
They look more beautiful because of it.
A few houses up,
I’d tug at your hand,
make you stop and wait
while I smelled a lonely white rose
that seems to grow out of a red rose bush.
A little farther up the street,
just past the weeping willow.
I’d smile at the elderly woman,
reading a book on her front porch,
oblivious to the rest of the world.
On our way back home,
I’d stop to take a picture.
Of a lonely old cat who sits,
on the top of an old rusty car,
aimlessly staring, at nothing.
One White Rose

One White Rose


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