Daily Prompt: A Pat on the Back

This is actually the perfect topic for me to write about today. I know I saw a lot of people write their Daily Prompt post for today about how proud they are of other people in their lives, or even their pets. I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging, but sometimes I have to take pride in myself and what I have accomplished despite all my failures and screw ups.

Yesterday while I was looking for old camping pictures I came across a folder titled “Writer’s Craft ~ Writing Portfolio”. I opened it up to find poetry that I had submitted for the class and gotten good grades on. On one of them the teacher had written “One of your best poems yet!”  Then there where short stories and articles I had written that I’d been really proud of at the time. I decided to keep them because they all have a piece of me in them.

IMG_20130731_122544[1]In the middle of the folder I came across a first place certificate that I had won for entering a poetry contest in my final year of high school. I remember entering the contest just for the fun of it. Then how excited I was that I had won first place.

I took it out of the folder and taped it up on the wall by my desk to remind me to stay inspired. Also to remind myself that, metaphorically speaking, if I don’t enter the contest, I won’t stand a chance of winning.

Then, at the back of the folder, I came to a small cardboard divider on which I had boldly written the words “Published Materiel” in black marker.

Behind that divider is a school newspaper that was published in April 2006 by the Dangerous Minds Poetry Club, which I was a part of. It contains, right smack dab in the middle, one of the most depressing poems I’ve ever written. But, nonetheless, it was published, and I kept the newspaper just for that reason.

There is an anthology of poetry and short stories that was published in 2007 by yet another literary club that I was a part of. This one contains not one, but five of my poems. Believe me, when I got my hands on my copy, I showed it to everyone who cared. I was ecstatic.

Then there is the 22nd issue of a magazine called The Messenger, dated March 2008; which on it’s 14th page, features  my poem titled Along the Road. Guess what? That poem appeared on this blog first. I was approached by the editor of this magazine via email and asked if they could use this poem. Of course I agreed. They published it and sent me a free copy.

Last but not least is my very own anthology. Mind you, it could have been better, but it was my very last high school project. I published it on my own through lulu.com and was the only person ever to buy it, but still, it’s something I’m proud of.

All these things I have kept over the years because they are a constant reminder to me that if I am really passionate about something and I continue pursuing that passion, I can go far. These things remind me never to give up. If I push just hard enough, and then keep pushing, I’ll be the best selling author that I was meant to be.

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