A Night In The ER

In the ER waiting room

In the ER waiting room

Wednesday was a good day for my family. At least we thought so when we heard that Dad was finally coming home from the hospital after having been there for eleven days. But my Mother was more than thrilled; she was scared.

You see, Dad had just had surgery to remove his kidney stones a couple weeks ago and then had ended up with a urinary tract infection. I’m sure those aren’t comfortable. Anyway, when Dad came home from the hospital on Wednesday, he came with his urinary catheter.

Let’s just say Mom is no nurse so she was nervous about how she would be able to help my dad. It didn’t make things any better when Dad decided he didn’t want any help. Somehow, my mom managed to pop a varicose vain the night my dad came home. So guess what, off to the hospital she went.

I got the news around 11:00pm that night. I had just finished doing the dishes and was getting ready for bed.

After a quick phone call with my sister, it was decided that since I was the closest sibling to the hospital where Mom was taken, I would be the one to go wait with her in the ER (not the first time for me).

Mom's corner where she waited for the doctor

Mom’s corner where she waited for the doctor

So, being the good man that he is, my husband came along for the ride, which by the way was provided by my father in law 🙂 also a good man.

I’ll skip over the part where we went to the wrong hospital at first and move right to the part where I found her

at St. Joseph’s hospital, shaking and cold, sitting in what had to be the most uncomfortable wheelchair. Her feet were covered in blood, it made my stomach feel weird. I did my best to ignore the blood, and wrapped my arms around my mother. It wasn’t long before she was back to her normal worried self.

At least Hubby got some shut eye!

At least Hubby got some shut eye!

What was long however, was the wait. From midnight until 5am, we waited for an actual doctor to come see Mom, only to discover that all she needed was a fresh wrapping. Oh, and that when she got home she would need to keep her feet elevated.

Needless to say, when my husband and I got home around 6:30 in the morning, we were more than ready to go to bed.

One thought on “A Night In The ER

  1. Margaret, this makes me tear up. I lost my mom in 2006 after what was supposed to be a routine operation. She died from complications a month later. I remember waiting in the hospital through her operation which was difficult, because my kids were only 7 and 9 years old!
    Then just three years later my dad started having problems, and several months later died of bladder cancer that the doctors didn’t find until it was too late.
    I’m glad your parents are okay. Treasure them while they are here!
    Cheers!! 🙂

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