The Origins of Along Life’s Road

Today’s Daily prompt from The Daily Post:

Why did you start your blog? Is that still why you blog, or has your site gone in a different direction than you’d planned?

I started my blog nearly six years ago because my Media Arts teacher told me to. Our blog was a class assignment. Whether we stuck with it was our choice, but for a whole month, all of our written assignments were to be handed in as blog posts. We had to email the links to our blog post to our teacher, Mr. Connolly, after it was published.

Six years ago, I was blogging because I had to, and partly because I wanted to. After a couple classes spent in the computer room on the third floor of my high school, I began to go to the library at lunch to write a post. I discovered that instead of just writing my poetry in a notebook (which I still do) I could share my favorite ones online. On my very own blog.

Obviously I’m not blogging for the same reasons anymore. My blog has changed direction several times, going from only poetry, to random rants, to focusing on faith driven devotionals, and telling my memories. The one thing that remains the same, all the way through out, is that I write because it is my joy and passion. I write because I believe what I have to say matters.

There is a quote I picked out from my copy of Chicken soup for the soul – Inspiration For Writers that I really liked. It’s from an writer named Robert B. Robeson. His quote pretty much says it all.

“If what you write is important to you, there is an excellent chance it will be interesting and of value to others.”

One thought on “The Origins of Along Life’s Road

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