Daily Prompt: Smell You Later

Daily Prompt ~ August 9

DSCN1372I can smell it before it even comes. It wafts through my open window along with a soft breeze. Then suddenly the heavens open, the rain crashes down upon the earth, and I am transported.

I am transported to that time back in Mexico where I stood under the cover of a barn with Mr. B and two of his sons. I remember Mrs. B yelling from the house for us to come in for supper. I wasn’t wearing shoes. We didn’t go have supper right away, we just stood there and watched the rain. Lightning struck the ground in the distance.

Mr. B held my hand so I wouldn’t run into the rain. So we just stood there and watched the rain.


I am transported to another time in Mexico. This time I am in my bed. It feels like a Sunday afternoon. Like I’ve been told to have my nap, and the bed is comfortable so I don’t mind. The rain tap dances on the tin roof of the farm house. The sound lulls me to sleep.


I am transported to another time, this time closer to the present day. I am in a tent, camping with my younger sister. But she isn’t in the tent anymore. I am alone. I unzip the tent door and step into a misty wonderland. Fog covers the ground. I can’t even see my hands when I hold them in front of me. Even though I can’t see it, I can hear the waves of Lake Tamagami crashing against the rocky shoreline of our little island.  My sister finds me in the fog, and together we stand in awe, waiting and watching as the waters of Tamagami Ontario reappear.


I’d keep going, but I have to get ready for work! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Smell You Later

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