I Understand Now

I have learned an important lesson while working at Anchor Bar (among all the other important lessons).

I have learned that food takes time to prepare. I have learned that when orders come through, often times the smaller the order, the sooner we send it out. I have learned that when multiple orders come in all at once, and there are only a couple of people working in the kitchen, somebody is bound to have to wait a while for their food.

I have learned that when some people find they are having to wait too long for their food, they take it out on the waitress, and that’s not fair. Waitresses have enough to worry about, what with making sure they get your order right, and then making sure they run it to the right table.

I understand now, that the next time I go out to eat at a high-end restaurant, or any food establishment, I will take into account that I am not the only person ordering food. I will remember that good food takes time to make, and that sometimes there aren’t ten people standing around waiting around for my order. In fact there may only be two or three people in the kitchen who are resisting the urge to pull out their hair or stab/punch the chit machine because they are being overwhelmed with the amount or orders coming through.

I understand now, that if I want my food in less than five minutes, I’ll go to a fast food place, not a nice restaurant. Otherwise, I’ll bring a book to read while I wait, or have a lovely conversation with my dinner companions.

Oh, and believe me, at Anchor Bar, the food is worth any amount of time you have to wait, which isn’t long unless you happen to be standing at the back of the line waiting to get into the restaurant because it’s packed!

Anchor Bar Wings!!! So worth the wait!

Anchor Bar Wings!!! So worth the wait!

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