Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

August 14th Daily Prompt:

Today’s challenge is to think of my blog as a mirror, to contemplate what it reveals about me.

Well, I have to admit that my blog reveals more about me to my readers than anything else. Those who have followed my blog since it started six years ago, have seen the blog go through various changes. It was a slow painful process with months of silence in between random posts. But it wasn’t just my blog that was constantly changing, I was too.

It took time to find the confidence I needed to put into myself and into my blog. Only then, could it really become something.

My blog, is a reflection of me, that those who don’t read my blog, will most likely never see. Although, I’m not really sure what you see when you read my blog. I can tell you what my blog tells me about myself.

My blog name, along with my theme choice (you can see for yourself) are pretty big clues that I’m pretty much obsessed with nature. I love the green of nature. I see my life as a journey that I am privileged to share with you.

What my blog posts tell me about myself is that I love talking. I have an opinion about almost everything, and if I don’t have an opinion about something it’s because I don’t care enough about the subject to form an opinion.

My blog also tells me that I take pride in my photography and writing abilities. I take pride in being able to evoke some sort of emotion out of those who read my posts.

Well, that’s what my blog tells me about myself. Now I’m off to visit my Dad in the hospital. (More on that later…say some prayers for him please!)

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