A Writer’s Best Friend

Several months ago, my husband bought me the spring issue of a magazine called Writing Basics. It’s full of wonderful ideas and tips on how to stay creative and how to keep writing.

There’s one thing in particular that I learned from the magazine that I wanted to tell you about. It’s from an article called “How to be Creative on Demand.” by Roger Morris.

Roger’s very first tip is to get in the habit of generating ideas. To do this, he suggests carrying an ‘observation’ notebook with you. I love this idea, and since I had an empty journal I had not yet decided what to do with it, it wasn’t hard to find one.

This observation notebook goes everywhere with me, and when I find myself in some downtime, like in a line, or waiting for my hubby at the bank. I pull this notebook out and simply observe what I see. Then I practice writing descriptions, whether it be of people, or the room I’m in.

I’m really excited about this idea, because now instead of just watching people (which writer’s do all the time) I can jot things down. It’s wonderful when looking for story ideas down the road.

What do you do to get your creativity going? Do you have an observation notebook? If you don’t, are you willing to try it out?

6 thoughts on “A Writer’s Best Friend

  1. I absolutely love the idea, and I’m going to start trying it myself. I do observe at the moment and like to make brief notes if something ‘useful’ comes to mind. But, I really like the idea of sitting down and writing observation and description in detail with no particular goal in mind. I think it may be a good habit to get into. Great post, thanks for the ideas!

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