I Spoke Too Soon

Oh it was a beautiful night. Hubby and Dad L were already at the baseball diamond. Aunt J and I made a stop at Tim Horton’s before the game. I got a glazed cinnamon roll and a small iced chocolate coffee, which didn’t bother me (it has to be something with my coffee whitener). Even though I had my baseball glove in my purse, I was not prepared to play the game, mentally or physically. I’d heard I wouldn’t have to play so I was content to go to the game in my nice clothes.

“I’m so glad I don’t have to play today” I said to Aunt J as we arrived at the park from our Timmy run.

We walked to the diamond where Hubby and the rest of the team where waiting. As we got closer, Hubby called out to me.

“Yo Margaret! Guess what, you’re our second girl!” Oh, crap! So much for enjoying the game from the bleachers. That’s where I belong, I’m sure of it. I hadn’t even gone to the washroom yet.

I drank my small iced coffee in a matter of minutes while I waited for my turn up at bat. I had no energy, I had no idea how I was supposed to me any benefit to the team. When we weren’t batting, I was playing catcher. Man, talk about dropping the ball. I did that more times than I can count. When I was up at bat, I struck out. It was not my game.

A little more than halfway through the game I began noticing a couple things. The first, I really had to go to the washroom. The second, there was a stunning sunset behind me. So while I was playing catcher, my attention would waver between catching the ball, turning around to check out the pretty colors, and trying not to wet myself. We were already down a player, so going to the washroom wasn’t an option. My task became more and more difficult. To the point where I was dancing on the spot while trying to catch the ball. Since I’d been the last up at bat in the previous inning, when that round of catching was up, I ran to the washroom. I told Dad L I was going to go either way. He told me to hurry.

So, I ran. I ran and soaked in the beauty of the sunset. I would have stopped to snap a picture then, but well, there was no time for that.

After the run back to the diamond, I felt so much better. I felt winded too from running. I got back to the diamond just in time to snap a picture of the sunset while standing on top of our bench.

Sunset at Turner Park

Sunset at Turner Park

After that, I was unstoppable. It was an open inning, near the end of the game. I went up to bat and got a hit. I made it to first base where hubby was first base coach. So I waited for him to tell me when to run to second. I heard a smack as the ball connected with the bat. Hubby gave the go ahead, and I booked it to second. I was safe. Dad L was third base coach. I forgot to wait for the all clear to run and just ran when I heard the ball “ping” off the bat. I almost didn’t make it to third, but again, I was safe. Dad L told me to listen carefully when it was time to run home.

“When the next guy hits the ball, just run home, towards the catcher, but don’t touch the plate.”

After a couple strikes from my teammates, ball and bat connected again. I ran home. Everyone on the team high-fived me, and then the rest of the game went by in a blur.

When it was all over and the teams had met for a short prayer and devotional, hubby put his arm around me. He smelled of sweat and dirt, but I let him do it anyway.

“You scored our winning run Honey” Hubby said to me as we walked back to Dad L’s truck. I felt tired and exhausted, but I also felt valued and needed, and that felt good.

Sometimes being a part of the team, even when I’m not so good, is better than watching.

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