Two People Come out of a Building and Into A Story

This writing exercise was created by Alice Mattison on page 10 of Now Write! (Fiction)

As the title suggests, I am to think of two people coming out of a building. Then I am to observe them and ask all sorts of questions to discover who they are and what they are up to. When I wrote this story, a third person followed the first two, but that’s okay. Hope you guys enjoy the story. It’s not quite like the previous story I wrote. 🙂

Three people come out of a building.

The sun is barely peeking above the horizon of Lake Gibbles when three people come out of a small cottage into the morning mist.
The first is a small boy wearing a superman costume, blue rubber boots and all. His red cape flutters in the fresh morning air as he hoists a small fishing rod over his shoulder.
The second is a young man who looks to be in his early thirties. He is wearing flip flops, swim trunks, and a Hawaii t-shirt. He carries a fishing rod over his right shoulder and a tackle box in his left hand. He smiles down with the tender affection of a loving father, at the small superhero who is jumping down the stairs one step at a time.
The third is a weathered man wearing blue jean overalls over a blue button down shirt, and a fishing hat sits on his head. He too carries a fishing rod over one tired shoulder. Though he is slow coming down the stairs, he manages to keep up. He looks on to the young man and the boy with the pride of and grandfather and dad.
Together these three walk towards the pier, sometimes side by side, other times in a straight line. Always the red cape blowing in the breeze. At the end of the pier a red canoe with the word TRINITY boldly painted into its side awaits, gently bobbing up and down with the fall and rise of the lake water.
The young man helps his little superhero onto the front of the canoe. He tousles the boys hair, giving him a smile, and a warning to sit still. He moves to the rear of the canoe and keeps it steady while the weathered old man gingerly gets onto the middle bench. Once the old man is comfortable with his oar in hand, the young man takes his spot at the stern of the canoe. He sets his fishing gear at his feet and proceeds to untie the canoe from the pier. He picks up the oar that lies next to him, and then with one strong push, the canoe begins to glide into the sunrise. Towards another summer memory.

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