Pretty Much The Best Award Ever

How fitting that today’s Daily Post challenge is about accepting an award. I want to thank Shaun for creating this award and allowing me to be a part of this fantastic award!

Instead of thanking that cats that I don’t have, for this award. My thanks will be to the 10 people that I give this award to. These 10 people have made me feel like part of the family and therefore deserve to have this reward given to them.

That Ej You’re whimsical and witty. You’re blog always gives me something to laugh and think about. I don’t remember how I found your blog, or if you found mine, but I’m glad it happened!

My OCD Diaries – We’ve just recently found each other, yesterday in fact! I’m in love with the fact that we share a sense of humor. I look forward to many chuckles on your blog.

Sheen Meem – Flowers and Breezes is a beautiful blog name with blog posts that I enjoy! Thanks for the follow!

Ice Ice Andrew – You’re certainly not boring, and neither are your white boy raps! I know I just nominated you for something yesterday, but you deserve this one too! Thanks for following my blog!

Ken – For the short while that it’s been since I found your blog, you have already made an impact on me through your encouragement.

Patsy – For making me feel needed. You’ve given me a chance to be more than I thought I was. Thank you for being a part of my WordPress family!

Rob – You’re always there reading and commenting on my posts! I really dig that! Also, you have a neat blog that I enjoy reading! Thanks for following me surfer dude πŸ™‚

The MMmmm Family – I love that you allow me to tag along on adventures with your family through your writing. I think it’s only fitting that you should receive this award!

Snoogiefisk – There was no way I was leaving you out! You like that crazy cousin that talks to their dogs! Which I find highly amusing and entertaining. Keep being you!

A Girl With A Piano – I know you’re fairly new to blogging, but you’re an excellent writer with a brilliant mind! Never stop pushing for the things you want to accomplish!

Without the 10 of you, and a whole bunch of others, my blog would simply be a thing that floated around in cyber space. Thank you for being there to read what I have to say, and for allowing me to follow you on your journey as well! Now go, you 10, and award 10 others who have made an impact on you and your blog! Go!

28 thoughts on “Pretty Much The Best Award Ever

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  7. My phone is playing up and I have no idea if my first message got through so at the risk of repeating myself I’ll say it again! Thank you SO much Margaret for this fabulous award I am really honoured to be part of your WordPress family. wow! I am so happy right now. Big congrats to you too πŸ™‚

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  10. Thank you so incredibly much!! I don’t quite remember who found who, either, but I am also very glad we managed it!

    And congrats on the award. That’s awesomely deserved! A fantastic acceptance speech indeed. Sweet work!

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