A Prompt About Prompts

Today’s daily prompt amuses me. Do I find prompts useful, absolutely!

Prompts are perfect for when I don’t want to sit for hours wondering what I’ll write about. Not to mention that a lot of writing prompts are opinionated. That’s perfect because I have opinions about everything! (Like how proud I am about that young mom on the bus home from work, not the fact that she was on the bus, but that she wasn’t afraid to whip out her breast to feed her baby. Most women are too scared of what people will think, so they just let the poor kid cry the whole way.)

I love writing prompts, they are to me, like keys to unlock a specific part of the mind. Without prompts I would feel lost in the hallways of my mind, unsure of which door to enter (aka. know what to write about).

Also, I find them useful in discovering what other people think about the same subjects. I am always fascinated by the different things that can come out of a single prompt. I LUVS IT!!

Of course you can’t forget the fact that some, like this one, allow you to ramble on and on. Sometimes I do that, I ramble. I did that at work today, I can’t help it! Sous Chef told me to hush..I couldn’t…I tried really hard, and when it still didn’t work I stuck a label over my mouth. The kitchen was nice and quiet for about five minutes. I then ripped of the label and proceeded to ramble, much to the enjoyment – of me! πŸ™‚

Alright, off to do my next favorite thing, read your blogs!

9 thoughts on “A Prompt About Prompts

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  7. I refuse to comment. Okay I have to comment. I hate some prompts and I try hard to get them all, but some I’m like, “I got nothing.” Do you get that feeling, ever? And what do you do? I was thinking of saying, “I try to make it mine,” and then I thought, ‘that’s not fair to say when I pick and choose, that’s just the height of convenience. Luxury.

      • lol I’ve done that before. I like it when inspiration takes me that way, too. Then I try to bend my train of thought back to the prompt, like a sort of justification. But often those are the best ones. πŸ˜€

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