I’m Canadian Eh!

With a few minutes to spare before running off to another place, I decided to work on today’s Daily Prompt; which asks whether I am patriotic and what being patriotic means to me.

Well, I know I wasn’t born in Canada, but this has been my home for 17 years. I am a citizen “through the immigration act” as my citizenship card states.

I still hate winter (love it during the summer!) I love summer – during the winter!

Oh Canada!!

I get teary eyed when O Canada is being sung, especially when it’s played just before the start of the Olympics, or any Hockey game (which my husband no longer has to force me to watch). That’s another thing, I feel like being Canadian means watching Hockey and drinking beer. (I don’t drink beer, if anything, I prefer wine).

Being Canadian, as it was pointed out to me by friends in Minnesota, I say “Eh!” and my “about” comes out as “aboot”.   I’m sure there’s more, but I’m drawing a blank.

Also, I have pet polar bear that I keep in my igloo while I’m at work. Actually he’s retired since I don’t use him to go to school anymore. (that was Canadian humor by the way). Last time I saw a polar bear was at the Toronto Zoo while I was in the second grade.

I will tell you though, I’m not patriotic enough to book Canada day off so I can go shopping in the States. I really don’t get why so many people actually do that!


Of course, (I almost for got.) like many Canadians, I love my Tim Horton’s!

Ooh, one more thing! I like to be the peacekeeper (most of the time). That’s pretty Canadian of me right? 😀

16 thoughts on “I’m Canadian Eh!

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