Imagine All the People

Sept. 5 ~ Daily Prompt

I don’t know what it is, I just can’t help it. I have this insane sense of curiosity. The kind that has me openly staring out of my window into the street whenever something is going down. You know that old lady who peeps at you through her living room blinds? Yeah… when I’m old, that will be me.

This crazy curiosity keeps me from being bored when I’m waiting in a really long line. Like today, when I was at the bank. I had the opportunity to observe the people around me, to imagine what their lives might be like.

I saw a little boy discover the handicap button on the door for the first time. That surprise on his face at the door opening when he pushed the button was priceless. Seeing him latch onto the door, feet grounded into the floor, as if to stop the door from opening; well, that was funny too! I imagine this little boy is an adventurer in his own rite. He explores everything around himself, regardless of whether his mom wants him to sit in the chair and wait.

The boy and his mother left. My attention was drawn to the man behind me after that. Actually I’m not sure I can say my attention was “drawn” to him. It’s more like, my senses were repulsed by the stench on the man. For crying out loud! Am I the only one that sniffs myself to make sure I’m not giving off some sort of “don’t come near me” scent? This man smelled like he hadn’t showered in a month. I’ve seen, and smelled homeless guys that smelled better. And believe me, this guy was not homeless. I imagine him to be the sort of guy that, if he showered, could have a super gorgeous chick on his arm, or ten if he felt like it. The part I had trouble imagining was how this guy could go about his day, as if he didn’t smell like he’d never picked up a stick of deodorant.

I’m getting the shivers just thinking about it. I may have to go take a shower on his behalf just so I feel better about it. Ugh! Nasty! Suddenly Hubby’s sweaty feet don’t seem so bad. I mean, compared to that smelly man, Hubby’s sweaty feet are pretty much kissable. That’s right, you read what you read!

I’m off to browse my newly purchased dictionary. I hate losing at scrabble πŸ™‚

Have a good night everyone!

8 thoughts on “Imagine All the People

  1. Your weird foot fetish aside, I enjoyed your observations. πŸ˜‰

    I was reminded of a the guy who works the night shift on my machine. Some days he smells so bad it nearly makes me literally weak in the stomach. Not a fun sensation.

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