Daily Prompt: Luxurious

Today’s daily prompt brought back many memories of summer camping trips. The question was What’s the one luxury you can’t live without?

Okay, well lets see…

Reading is the first thing that comes to my mind. If you were to drop me onto an island in the middle of nowhere, I would be prepared to live without a toilet, shower, or the comfort of my bed. I could live without video games, television and microwave dinners. I could live without my phone and the internet (although I really wouldn’t want to).

You see, once twice upon a time, I went on a canoe trip that lasted for eight days straight, both times. Both of these camping/canoeing trips were provided by Project Canoe. These trips took me to North Eastern Ontario, to a place called Lake Temagami. This place has over 1200 islands, and stretches almost 50km from North to South and about 35km from East to West. Seriously, it is waaayyyy out there. But it is super stunning and gorgeous.

Photo Credit; Sven Helland. Off of Project Canoe’s facebook page.

Photo Credit Sven Helland

Lake Temagami Sunset. (also from their Facebook page, also by Sven Helland)

See? I told you it was stunning. But back to the main point. I went for a total of 16 days (8 days per year) without the simple luxuries mentioned above. Things we take for granted; like running water.

There was one thing that I had to have on both of these trips, and that was reading material. The first year it was the first book in the Harry Potter series (I was in the sixth grade, everybody was reading that). On my second trip (after the seventh grade) it was Bridge To Tarabithia. I loved the book so much I had to read it again after I got home.

Mind you, I’d probably go bonkers if I went on one of those trips now, and didn’t have wifi, or a potable phone charger. What can I say, my world has changed since then! Who knows what I’d be able to live without!


12 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Luxurious

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  5. I’d do it if there was a 3G signal. That’s how I post while camping. But reading material would be absolutely essential if I’m going to spend more than a couple days.

    That being said, your description of Lake Temagami is enough to make me want to see it. If we ever run off to Nova Scotia we might have to swing by there. 😉

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