Footsteps In The Dark

Disclaimer: I’m really tired but I’m forcing myself to stay up and write while I wait for hubby to get home. I’d have to wake up and let him anyway, so I figured I’d stay up and contribute to the daily prompt challenge for today, even though it might be tomorrow by the time it gets published. What’s the challenge you ask? Well, I am to write a story with a twist you can’t see coming. So here it is; short and sweet, with a twist you can’t see coming.

Darkness surrounds me. It’s better this way. She won’t find me.

I sit, huddled beneath a table in the basement. I dare myself to breathe as quietly as I can. I try not to breathe at all. What if she hears me?

I fear my heart is pounding so loud in my chest that I will be found, and it will all be over.

Above me the floor creaks. With each beat of my heart, I can feel her getting closer. I try to convince myself that the darkness will hide me. I’ll be safe here.

Suddenly I hear the whisper of feet smacking off the concrete floor. Her steps are cautious and slow. As if she can feel my presence in the room. Perhaps she hears my heart pounding in my chest.

She is there, right in front of me.

I reach out and grab both of her ankles. She screams. I laugh. I love hide and go seek in the dark!


10 thoughts on “Footsteps In The Dark

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