I Wont Forget

IMG_4210787048343I was in the fifth grade at Prince Philip Elementary School in Hamilton Ontario. We were in the middle of a spelling test when the principal made the announcement over the PA system.

The mood became very somber. Even though the day continued, nothing was the same. Everyone felt some sort of impact over what had happened.

I went home that day, Knowing Mom would be playing it on the news. I was right. So I sat there, stunned, watching in horror as the towers came down. Over and over the news station played it, and I watched.

We started our pen-pal program after that with a school in New York. I regret not keeping in touch with my pen pal. Come to think of it, I’m not sure how, or why, we lost touch in the first place.

While that’s about the extent to which I was affected by the event; I know for many, life has never been the same, and my heart goes out to those people. I pray they have found the strength to go on, and rebuild. I pray they have found peace in the storm.

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